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Never again. Chapter 20 (Levi x reader)
    At some point in the night, the warm water and the soft sound of bushes swishing against the old wood lulled you to sleep. You could feel the dull throb coming from your hand even before you were fully awake, but the burning that once filled you had disappeared altogether. Bright morning light flooded your eyes as you slowly peeled them open, you let out a low sound of discomfort at the feeling.
Finally your eyes adjusted to the brightness and you were able to take a look around, however you noticed that the room was a little too clean to be your room. Not that your room is actually dirty, but it may as well be a pig sty compared to this room. Just being in this room however gave you the strangest sense of deja vu. You were about to sit up but your attempt failed when an unknown weight circling your abdomen kept you down. Looking down you saw a large arm draped across you. You moved your eyes up along the arm until you were looking right at Levi's
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Mature content
Under the mistletoe (Levi x Reader) *Lemon* :iconlittleabberantwriter:LittleAbberantWriter 49 6
Never again.(Levi x Reader) Chapter 19
The mess hall was silent when you got there. The usual chatter and laughter was replaced by a thick, tense silence. You came to the mess hall in an attempt to escape the silence of your own room, but this was only worse. While it was never loud after an expedition there usually was some quiet chatter, at least enough to make the room bearable to be in. So when you didn't even hear so much as a sniffle, you knew something had gone very wrong. When looking around the room, all that could be seen were solemn faces staring at either the table or the ceiling. It felt like time had stood still, and while looking at sea of stoic faces you knew one thing; death had arrived, as harsh and as cold as ever. However, there was also something else you felt hovering in the room, but it was unfamiliar.
You were about to sit down when you noticed people lifting their heads to look at something. You, as well, began to look for what they were fixed on but while looking into their eyes
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Never again. Chapter 18
It's quiet. However, it's not the kind of quiet that gently takes you to a calmer place, not the kind of quiet that wraps it's warm arms around you and assures that everything is okay. No, not nearly close to that kind of quiet. It's the kind of quiet that's suffocating. That horrible, tense quiet you get in a room full of people but no one chooses to make a sound. Strangely enough, you seem to find yourself wishing to hear whines and moans of pain, because that's familiar and not nearly as awful as this silence. At least the moans and cries means people are alive. This silence, this deafening silence, can only mean death. 
You don't want to open your eyes. Opening your eyes meant facing reality again, facing the reports of tragedy, facing death. You weren't ready, no amount of time could ever make you ready, but you opened your eyes anyways. At first you only saw white, and you wondered if you had died, but soon colours and shapes appeared and formed the shape of your room. 
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Never again. Levi x reader Chapter 17
The thunderous clang of a church bell, the loud steady pound of hooves and the cheering of hopeful onlookers rang through your ears and kept every nerve in your body alert and on edge. You kept your eyes trained straight ahead of you, the gate ahead slowly opening, becoming larger as your horse raced towards it.
You rode near the front of the formation, your squad following faithfully behind you. At the front was, of course, Commander Erwin and his squad. Directly to your left was Levi with his own subordinates and Eren trailing behind looking about ready to vomit. You felt worry and pity for the poor boy, though you had only met him a few times, you admired his determination and fiery spirit. He reawakens a burning fire of motivation within you that is sometimes forgotten and a struggle to remember.
Pushing all thoughts aside, you focused all your attention ahead and within a second you were past the gate, rushing into the bare, brazen valley beyond. You saw the first flare shoot up,
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Mature content
Hypnotic. Levi x reader :iconlittleabberantwriter:LittleAbberantWriter 28 19
Never again. Levi x reader Chapter 16
You sat in the mess hall unwillingly eating a bowl of oatmeal, if you could even call it that. The lumpy brown mush sat untouched, growing cold in the small wooden bowl. You were going to skip out on breakfast, the bundles of nerves in your stomach clenched tightly wanting anything but food, when Hanji caught you and nearly dragged you to the mess hall going on about how you would need your energy for the day ahead. An abnormal and thick silence filled the mess hall, rather than the usual noises and chatter. You found it amazing how this tense silence could be the loudest thing of all. Not being able to stand it anymore, you quietly dismissed yourself and slipped into the hallway unnoticed. Your steps were slow and soft, yet they echoed through the hall as loudly as ever. Though you had been on many expeditions before this one was different, very different. This time you had to worry about a little someone who wasn't even in this world yet because your subordinates could
:iconlittleabberantwriter:LittleAbberantWriter 11 3
Nighttime Melodies (Violinist!Levi x reader)
It was later in the evening, the sun had long disappeared and the pale glow of the street lights had taken its place. I had, unfortunately, missed the last running bus so walking home was my only option. The streets were silent, the only sound being my footsteps echoing through the seemingly abandoned street. The thick silence was broken when the sound of a lone violin broke through my footsteps and brought me to a halt. At first, I thought it was my sleep deprived brain playing tricks on me, but as I began walking again the playing grew louder. Unable to contain my curiosity, I decided to follow the music.
After awhile of aimlessly searching every corner, I finally turned one last block to find a young man, probably around my age, standing under a single street lamp viciously playing the violin. I took a step closer and inspected him. His eyes were closed and a look of pure concentration adorned his slim, pale face. He wasn't very tall, no larger than 5'3 if I had to guess, but even t
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All I want for Christmas...
Clattering boots and loud, irritating voices roused Levi from his half conscious state. He slowly lifted his head from his folded arms which layed upon the cold surface of his desk and stood, ignoring the slight pain in his back. He wandered over to the window which was  slightly open, despite the biting cold. Levi liked it that way though; the frosty wind would wrap around and engulf him, warming him better than any blanket ever could. He could see a few cadets off in the distance, throwing snow at eachother and giggling like idiots. A scowl tugged at Levi's lips at the sight of it. Unable to watch anymore, Levi turned away and headed towards the small kitchen which occupied the corner of his room.
Once there, he grabbed the old kettle off the counter and filled it. The old stove let off a low hum when he turned it on and levi placed the full kettle on the warming surface. Reaching into the cupboard he pulled out a can of black tea leaves and two mugs. A wave of sadness fl
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Never again. Levi x reader Chapter 15
As promised, your squad was waiting for you at the supplies shed with various bags clutched in their hands. Patient faces watched curiously as you slowly made your way over to them looking horribly crestfallen. When you finally stopped in front of them you did nothing but order them to put away the supplies and double check that everything was accounted for. While they went to go put it all away, you went over to the nearest bench and sat down, hoping to find a way to explain to Alice that she would not be excused from tomorrows expedition.
You were so deep in thought that you did not notice the large figure looming over you. Only when you heard the clearing of a throat did you look up. You were met with Bruce's large face smiling down on you; only his smile looked somewhat like a grimace, like he was waiting for something bad. After a few moments of him not saying anything, you decided to be the first to break the silence. "What can I do for you Bruce?" He seemed unsure of what to say
:iconlittleabberantwriter:LittleAbberantWriter 12 2
Never again. Levi x reader Chapter 14
The walk to Erwin's office was, much to your displeasure, relatively short. The man was a fine commander, strong and resilient, but he was also cold and calculating which made him extremely uncomfortable to be alone with. You had nothing against the man, but he just gave you the creeps. You were a bit more nervous than usual because an unborn child's life depended on you. You liked to think of the commander as a fairly reasonable man and would excuse Alice, but when it came down to it you knew he would sacrifice anything for humanity's sake.
Taking in a deep breath, you raised a fist and knocked three times. Moments later you heard the shuffling of paper and Erwin's muffled voice saying 'come in'. You straightened yourself out and smoothed down your uniform before grabbing the door handle and turning it slowly. The second you entered the room the smell of fresh parchment and citrus flooded your nostrils. It was a surprisingly pleasant scent so you breathed in deeply, allowi
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Never again. Levi x reader Chapter 13
After your small ordeal with Hanji, you finished getting dressed and headed to the field where your squad would be waiting. If things weren't already bad enough, you still had this whole pregnancy thing to deal with. You were worried because the chances of Alice being excused from an expedition on such short notice was very slim, and not to mention you practically screamed in her face. You were so deep I thought that you almost passed your squad. It was Lissa clearing her throat that caught your attention. When you faced them they performed their salute and chanted good morning in unison.
You dismissed them with a small wave of your hand and went right into today's plan. "Alright," you said. "You should all know that tomorrow is the 57th expidition outside  of the walls." Their faces grew more nervous with your every word. You couldn't blame them, not many made it out alive. You've even had a few close calls yourself in past expeditions. "Today, we are in charge of making sure the
:iconlittleabberantwriter:LittleAbberantWriter 16 2
Mature content
Double the love (Eren x Reader x Armin) :iconlittleabberantwriter:LittleAbberantWriter 71 37
Mature content
Never again. Levi x reader Chapter 12 :iconlittleabberantwriter:LittleAbberantWriter 21 9
In the skin of a lion. (Levi x reader)
He hides
In the skin of a lion
He must be brave
For those who can't be
He must fight
For those who aren't willing
He mustn't break
Because he is the strongest
He mustn't break
Because he is humanities hope
He mustn't break
Because everyone's lives
Are on his shoulders
So he hides
In the skin of a lion
It's different though
When we're alone
He'll smile
He'll laugh
He'll cry
But only when we're alone
I was the only one
Who could see through the skin
I could see beneath it
To what he really was
And what he was
Was a lamb
He was scared
Just like everyone else
He would get excited
Just like everyone else
He would cry out of sadness
Just like everyone else
But only when we're alone
On expeditions
Outside of these wretched walls
He would hide
In the skin of a lion
Even while death surrounded us
He would remain stoic
Even while the cries of comrades
Pierced our ears
Even while he held me
As I took my final breaths
Even as I shut my eyes
For the last time
He didn't cry
Because he couldn't
He di
:iconlittleabberantwriter:LittleAbberantWriter 29 22
Mature content
Never again. Levi x reader Chapter 11 :iconlittleabberantwriter:LittleAbberantWriter 20 6


Mature content
Control [Levi|Reader] NSFW :iconpetitegalaxy:PetiteGalaxy 226 42
Seven Minutes In Heaven: Mike x Reader
Mike Zacharius
You cocked an eyebrow as you read the name on the paper. It was unexpected to see such a person playing a such a foolish game. You shrugged, handing the paper to Hanji so she could read it out.
"Mike~~!" She crowed. 
The crowd shifted, and a blonde mop of hair appeared over the heads of all the others. Before you could even spot the tallest of all the survey corps, you were yanked to your feet. A startled yelp erupted from your throat, causing the entire room to chuckle. Hanji giggled as well, casting you an excited, almost manic grin. You were flung forward, stumbling in an effort to regain your balance. The moment before you fell you suddenly felt strong hands support you. A glance upwards proved that indeed, Mike had caught you. 
"Have fun you two!" Hanji cackled before slamming the closet door on you both, leaving the closet in inky darkness.
You were completely still, eyes still glued to the door. Seconds passed before you noticed that indeed, Mike was sti
:icontheotherzephyros:TheOtherZephyros 207 32
Kiss The Rain (Levi x Reader)
Please listen to this as you read:
As this story is quite long, you might also need to replay it a couple times. Please enjoy!
Lithe digits skittered gently across the polished keys of what felt like a grand piano, the pallid pads of the pianist’s fingers gently kissing black and white surfaces at precise intervals. Each peck of ivory skin on the cold, smooth surface would emit a sound so gentle, just like the slight drizzle of rain on a summer’s day as it pounded softly onto the earth with nature’s melody.
The room around said pianist was covered in a blanket of silence, and the people who occupied the hall at which he played had probably made it their life’s goal to shut up for once and drown in the sad arrangement arising from the clash of fingertips to delicate lengths of ebony and white.
It was understandable of course, as the pianist playing before them came by the name Levi Ackerman, and to anyone that w
:iconeirischion:EiriSchion 98 77
ErenXReader - Fighting Me
ErenXReader – Fighting Me
Modern AU!
“Get off my fucking back already!”
“Why? So you can just ignore me all day again?”
I scoffed rolling my eyes. All I wanted to do was sit down for a few minutes and breathe. Let the work and stress wash off me. This whole day I’ve been working my ass off. But I get home, and he was all up in my face again. He has been bugging me from the time I woke up until now, “Maybe I’ve been ignoring you for a fucking reason, Eren!” I snapped at him with fire lighting up in my eyes.
We didn’t fight often. We’ve been dating for a year and a half now. But we could both be seen as hard asses, or so I was told by a rather negative neighbor of ours. Eren often got angered quickly and could be stubborn about things. I was considered a smart ass. And I was hard to persuade, where I never really liked changing my mind or making things easier for the rest of us
:iconkay-love-pain17:Kay-Love-Pain17 101 17
Secret Visitor [Vampire!Levi x Reader] [AU]
You peeled open your eyelids, unable to discern the blur of light and shadows before you. Your head spun from the combination of insomnia and blood loss. Steadying yourself with your palms, you pushed yourself from the downy pillows. Another wave of dizziness overtook you. With a low groan, you wiped the cold sweat forming beneath your hair. You peered behind the gossamer curtain surrounding your bed. One’s bedroom was supposed to be a sanctuary of sleep, a place one could conceal themselves, confident in their safety. That was not the case for you.
There was a monster that entered and left as it pleased.
Despite the intricate, lacy fabric of your coverings, the delicate, crystalware and porcelain, the beautiful furniture adorning your room, you only noticed the shadows they cast along the walls, giving your dwelling an eerie feeling. Goosebumps forming along your arm, you lay your head down, burying yourself in softness. You prayed that just this one night you could sleep peacef
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 462 106
Fighter | Reader X Erwin | AU
AN: This is an modern AU story, inspired by UFC/MMA -fighting I just love to watch good looking men beating the crap out of each other, ahahah... eh, anyway, this idea just popped in my head and I decided to give it a try.
This story contains violence, cursing, a little bit of love and bad writing.
I hope you enjoy this, I know I did.
I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. I wiped the hair away from my face, and reached my hand to press the button on top of my clock. I looked at the time. 04:02 am. I wanted to sleep more. I was still tired from yesterday's workout.
My eyes wandered to the picture a had on the nightstand next to my clock. It was a picture of me and my dad.
In the picture, my dad had just won his latest heavyweight class tournament. He has his arms around me, while I'm holding his UFC championship -belt high in the air, both of us having a big smile on our faces. He was a four-time winner in the UFC, one of the
:iconmissfic:MissFic 32 13
Mature content
Aria (Levi x Gifted!Reader) Prologue :iconmoriamcclain:moriamcclain 23 11
Sorry, I am late by kandasama Sorry, I am late :iconkandasama:kandasama 4,769 238
Modern!Levi x Reader - The Sound of Music | Part 1
[H/C] hair swung like a crescent moon up into the air then fell down onto the back of [Full Name] as she knocked her head back from the way she was bent over on stage. With slightly heavy breathing, she haphazardly brought her mess of [h/c] tresses over one shoulder and looked out into the crowd. There was the typical cluster of people she usually saw at her shows with the new faces that accompanied the old ones. Most of them she didn’t know by name, but there were a few she’d had conversation with. And then there was one she would recognize simply by the beat of their heart.
He stood off towards the side of the room, leaned against one of the speakers that were double his height with his arms folded coolly over his chest. When their eyes met, his lips quirked upward into an acknowledging smirk. Feeling a slight curve of her own twitch into her façade, she tossed him a cheeky wink and brought the microphone back towards her face, sucking in a deep breath of air before
:iconthepillarsofcreation:thepillarsofcreation 15 11
Emotionless - Levi x Reader

"You whore!"
"Get out of this area, you slut!"
"Hey baby, want to come over to my place on where you belong?"
"You are a worthless piece of shit!!"

You had decided to escape from that community you called 'home' and joined the military. Even though many people had called you that from the start of your teen years, Your facial expression was never different nor changing every time. Even though people tried their hardest to see you break, nothing seemed to work for you. In the beginning, you walked through the corridors of the Survey Corps with the same expression which gave away mysterious murmurs around the whole site. No one really bothered to approach you since your facade was very intimidating. It was until then that you had finally met him you thought that your life will change. 
"What the fuck do you think you're doing Cadet?"
You looked up from barely putting away the spare cleaning supplies you had found in the supply closet.
"I had just finished cleaning my
:iconcookierocks:cookieROCKS 449 122
Mature content
Levi x Reader: A Victim and a Slave 1 (completed) :iconsmexyvibutt:SmexyViButt 252 218
Mature content
My guilty pleasure***SMUT***(Levi x Reader) :iconteacupjenni:TeacupJenni 862 166
Levi x Reader - Headache (Chap. 1)
A/N: my first published reader insert! please leave feedback and comments, i love getting them! ;v; i'm also hoping to have a second chapter if you guys ask for it hehe
also, requests are open!! i can write about anything as long as i know about it :3c

[Y/N] was flying through the trees, courtesy of your 3D Maneuver Gear. Surprisingly, you hadn't fucked up too bad during training and were ranked number 4 on the others "scale", which you didn't get at all. A fake titan had popped up a few feet in front of you and you tried to go for it, only getting a tiny chunk when you sliced your blades through. Another one was about 40 feet away, and you quickly flew for it, missing it by a long shot.
"You're off your game today, [Nickname]," Jean yelled, smirking as he sliced through the neck of the titan you had just missed.
"UUUUUGH, I know, Jean!" You grit your teeth and sliced at a tree, leaving a deep mark before stopping and swinging to the ground. You put your swords away and pinc
:iconsirtwixx:sirtwixx 18 10
Expressing Feelings (Jean X Reader)
"So, (f/n), you wanna see my fifteen-meter-class titan?" Jean asked, raising an eyebrow at you from where he sat across the table. You had to admit, he was kind of cute when he did that, but those damn pickup lines of his has really started to get on your nerves.
"No thank you, Jean, but you can ask Mikasa." You said, not looking up from your food.
"Don't even bother trying." Mikasa muttered from where she sat next to you.
"Anybody ever told you that you're more smoking than a titan?" Jean continued, throwing you a flirtatious look with that shit-eating grin of his.
"Jean when are you ever going to stop?" Connie asked from where he was sitting beside him. "You don't even have the right pickup lines. For example," he turned to Sasha, who was sitting on the other side of you, munching on a potato. "Girl, you can call me the Armored Titan, because I wanna break down your walls."
Sasha stared at him for a moment, until a wince came from Connie has he cradled his knee. Sasha had probably ki
:icongreystream:Greystream 327 73
[FOR ERLA] levi x reader [anything you can do]

So I just wanted to say that this is for my grammy, who passed away early this year, September something-or-other, somewhere around the end of the month.  She was in a state of depression, was hoarding, was on a lot of medication, and her health was in a serious decline.  She passed away after spending two weeks with blood sugar at and/or above 500, without telling anyone, and died in the hospital around 3 am at 76 years old, even though she didn't have to.  She was sad enough that she gave up, even after living through a fairly abusive childhood and, later on, cancer.  
 I'm just going to tell you now, if you ever are having issues with depression, please tell someone, because I can tell you right now that my heart is absolutely broken, and you're not helping anyone by throwing your life away, suicidal or not.  Depression can kill you without you wanting it to, and it can kill the people around you too.
When she wasn't sick, I used to go with my
:iconcrazycats161616:crazycats161616 48 50



    At some point in the night, the warm water and the soft sound of bushes swishing against the old wood lulled you to sleep. You could feel the dull throb coming from your hand even before you were fully awake, but the burning that once filled you had disappeared altogether. Bright morning light flooded your eyes as you slowly peeled them open, you let out a low sound of discomfort at the feeling.

Finally your eyes adjusted to the brightness and you were able to take a look around, however you noticed that the room was a little too clean to be your room. Not that your room is actually dirty, but it may as well be a pig sty compared to this room. Just being in this room however gave you the strangest sense of deja vu. You were about to sit up but your attempt failed when an unknown weight circling your abdomen kept you down. Looking down you saw a large arm draped across you. You moved your eyes up along the arm until you were looking right at Levi's soft sleeping face. You felt your face heat up at the thought of Levi spooning you all night. Shaking off your embarrassment you looked to his face again.

 'He really does look so peaceful when he sleeps.' You thought, noticing all the small creases that usually surrounded his eyes were smoothed and the dark circles that often lay shadowed beneath had seemingly lightened.

     Instead of trying to get up you decided to lay back down again, this time with your face towards Levi. Rather than falling back asleep you inspected his face further, taking in all the small details. His face was tattered with small scars and, to your surprise, freckles. They were so pale you could only notice them from close up but they were there, and you found them oddly adorable. Without thinking you reached out and lightly brushed your fingers against the freckles that speckled his nose. Although your action was small it caused Levi to stir and slowly open his eyes.

''Did you touch my nose?'' His voice was rough from sleep.

''Yes.'' You put bluntly, seeing no point in lying.

    Instead of saying anything else Levi simply let out a low hum and laid back down again, pulling you in closer. The whole situation was slightly odd to you, being that you and Levi hadn't really spoken to each other in the past week; moreover it almost felt wrong to be lazing around when there was probably so much work to do.

''Um Levi...'' You started, waiting to see if you'd get a response.

He simply hummed to reply but you took it as a go ahead to continue speaking.

''Shouldn't we be up doing something? I mean, there's always so much to do after expeditions so why are we still in bed?''

His eyes opened again and a small frown crept onto is face. ''No one's told you?'' he questioned.

''Told me what?'' You were confused, usually Erwin had all leaders gathered for meetings discussing the next expedition, not to mention another long and gruelling recruiting process to organize. Levi sighed and sat up fully in bed, pulling you to sit up with him.

''(Y/n)...'' He paused, unsure of what to say next. ''The expedition, it brought many things to light.'' You were still confused and Levi could tell. He sighed, slightly annoyed at the fact that he had to be the one to tell you. After a short silence he sighed and continued to explain the events that unraveled during the expedition. 

    He spoke quickly and his eyes  wandered, only flickering up to meet yours every few moments. It was strange seeing Levi like this; the usually blunt, careless man sat in front of you now looking uncomfortable and almost sad. You could tell he was skipping over details but you didn't say anything. You trusted Levi, so if he was pulling pieces out of what happened you knew it was probably in your best interest.

    By the time he finished your head was spinning. 'Another shifter?' you thought. This was big, but the fact Erwin purposefully neglected to tell everyone about this said shifter was even bigger. He knew the shifter would be advanced and yet he thought it'd be in everyone's best interest to not know? You stood from the bed, seething, and began to put on whatever was closest to you.

"What're you doing?" Levi questioned not fully paying attention, his mind obviously occupied by something else.

"I'm going to see Erwin" you put bluntly. This caught Levi's attention, his head snapping up to look at you.

"What?" he asked sharply. 

You let out a frustrated sigh and repeated yourself, " I am going to go see Erwin". With that said you turned and reached for the door, only to be stopped by a firm grip on your wrist. You turned to see Levi looking every bit as frustrated as you were.

 "What are you going to do (Y/n), yell at him?" You could tell he was being sarcastic but you ignored it and simply replied,

 "That is exactly what I am going to do."

You yanked your wrist out of his grip and rushed out the door, not giving him a chance to do anything else. He thought about going after you but he knew it was useless. He simply gathered the clothes you has strewn about the floor in your rush and returned to bed.


Since I'm back in school now so I will be writing and posting a little slower, but I'm looking to get on a set writing schedule so I can post something for you guys at least once a week! Thanks for all of your patience with me Chitanda Smile Icon 

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    The fire light from the candles danced off your skin illuminating the fine features of your body, and a single bushel of mistletoe hung lowly above your head. Levi drank the sight of you in, letting his eyes roam around every part of you. You stood before him in a white night dress which was begging to fall off, your hair flowed freely and your eyes were alight with restrained passion. "Levi." You pleaded, voice barley above a whisper. He stepped forward slightly unsure of what he should do. It was true that he had fantasized about you many times, but as a member of his squad it would be extremely wrong for him to act on his desires, even if you were in his quarters now, begging him to take you.

    You called out for him again in a raspy and desperate voice that he could no longer resist. He rushed forward, grabbing your waist and pressing his lips hungrily to yours. Levi took dominance immediately and wasted no time in deepening the kiss. He licked your bottom lip eagerly demanding entrance, which you so willingly granted him. You both stood there kissing fervently under the mistletoe.

    After a few more moments Levi unlocked his lips from yours but quickly moved to your neck, nipping and licking the delicate surface. His actions elicited small moans from you and you felt your knees go weak. Levi noticed this and propped a knee between your legs while you gripped onto his shirt in a desperate attempt to steady yourself. He continued to work his way downward, leaving bright red marks as traces of his passion. He began to peel off your nightgown at an agonizingly slow pace. You let out a low whine of impatience which Levi merely chuckled at.

    Finally your nightgown hit the floor, leaving you completely naked in front of not only your superior, but the man you love. Levi stood to look at you again, and for a moment you felt self-conscious, automatically covering your most vulnerable parts. Levi frowned slightly, displeased you were covering up. He couldn't understand why you were, for he had never seen a more perfect figure; however, Levi found everything about you to be perfect, from the way you spoke to the way you looked at him with those enchanting (e/c) eyes.

    He gently pulled your hands away and kissed you once again. You tangled your hands into his short raven locks and, to his surprise, wrapped your legs around him. He could feel the heat from your womanhood even through his pants, and he took your actions as a cue to move to the bed. 

    He laid you on the bed gently but stood straight once he placed you. You watched through half lidded eyes as he slowly unbuttoned his shirt and let it drop to the floor. He quickly leaned back over you, placing himself between your legs and capturing your lips once more. You ran your hands over his rough skin, feeling all the dips and crevices of his rigid muscles. Your hands roamed down his body until they stopped at the button of his white pants. You cheekily traced your fingers along the waistband but went no lower, causing Levi to growl in frustration. You were the tease now. Instead of teasing you back, however, Levi wasted no time in bringing his hand down to meet your womanhood. You inhaled sharply at the sudden contact, and a wicked grin crept onto Levi's face.

    The feeling of Levi's fingers gently rubbing circles around your clit was instantly overwhelming, and the need for something more emerged. You finally undid his pants an began to slide them off. Levi moved accordingly to your request and removed his pants, throwing them to the floor as well. You wrapped your hand around his stiff member which was already slick with pre-cum. 

    He let out a shaky breath as you slowly glided your hand around his cock, sometimes stopping to tease the head. Levi, unable to hold back any longer, looked into your eyes for permission. You nodded and he guided the tip of his cock towards your entrance. You let out a moan as you felt his thick cock begin to stretch your walls, and you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him in close. After a moment he fully sheathed himself inside of you, making you both moan with pleasure. Levi propped himself up again to look at you, making sure you were okay. You wrapped your legs around his waist and pushed him slightly, your way of telling him it was okay to move.

    He started off slowly but the warmth and the tightness of your insides caused him to lose his ability to restrain himself. He began moving faster, pounding his thick cock into you with long strokes. You found yourself coming to the edge quickly and you dug your nails into his pale back. He too could not last much longer and wrapped his arms around you, burying his face into the crook of your neck. 

    You could take it no longer and you came loudly, calling his name. He followed closely behind you, squeezing you tightly as he released inside of you. You both lay there for awhile, holding one another. "I love you." You breathed. "I love you too." He replied quietly. You smiled, pulling him in for a kiss. 

    You both fell asleep in each others arms, thinking about this wonderful Christmas day.


The mess hall was silent when you got there. The usual chatter and laughter was replaced by a thick, tense silence. You came to the mess hall in an attempt to escape the silence of your own room, but this was only worse. While it was never loud after an expedition there usually was some quiet chatter, at least enough to make the room bearable to be in. So when you didn't even hear so much as a sniffle, you knew something had gone very wrong. When looking around the room, all that could be seen were solemn faces staring at either the table or the ceiling. It felt like time had stood still, and while looking at sea of stoic faces you knew one thing; death had arrived, as harsh and as cold as ever. However, there was also something else you felt hovering in the room, but it was unfamiliar.

You were about to sit down when you noticed people lifting their heads to look at something. You, as well, began to look for what they were fixed on but while looking into their eyes you saw what you knew to be absolute and unmistakable, pity. You almost wanted to laugh, the thought of the remaining survivors looking at you with pity was almost laughable. The last thing you needed, or even wanted right now was to be pitied, so you turned briskly and left.

You moved quietly though the dimly lit halls, head down to avoid talking to anyone who might pass by. You were almost back to your room when you felt yourself run into something firm. You stumbled back and nearly fell to the floor, but you were caught by a pair of strong hands which belonged to the last person you wanted to see right now. Levi. Your eyes locked, but only for a moment as you pulled your gaze away quickly. Levi, being as sharp as he is, sensed that something was wrong; however before he could even get a word out you brushed passed him without so much as a 'sorry'. You couldn't talk to Levi, not now anyways. If you did you weren't sure what might come out of your mouth. As you were walking away you heard him call your name, but you didn't allow yourself to stop.

You finally burst into your room completely out of breath and for some particular reason you just could not seem to regain control of your breathing. It felt as if a fire was burning inside your chest, slowly spreading to the rest of your body. Panicked, you went to the small closet in the corner and took out a bucket and an old rag. Rushing to the sink you filled the bucket to the brim with scalding hot water and a gallon of soap. From there you took control the only way you really knew how. Cleaning. You scrubbed the floor with such force you could feel the old boards slightly moving beneath you, but it didn't matter. You kept scrubbing and scrubbing to try and ease the burning and the pain, but with no result. The more it burned the harder you scrubbed, unnoticed hot tears streamed down your flushed face. There seemed to be no end in sight for this vicious cycle until you felt a warm hand upon your shoulder. The feeling took your attention away from your scrubbing frenzy and caused you to look up. When you did you were once again met with the same pair of cold steel eyes. This time though you saw what looked to be concern reflecting in them.

Neither of you said anything, however after a moment Levi cast his eyes downward to your hand which was clutching the dull rag. He then took your hand into his own and began to inspect it. This caused you to finally see the damage you had done. It seemed that somewhere in your frenzy you had began to scrub so hard that the portion you were using to scrub had torn away, leaving the majority of the work to your bare hand. The entirety of your hand was bright red from the hot water, but the skin on the tops of your fingers and knuckles were torn, or rather, shredded away. While you were staring at your hand you realize Levi had moved from his position in front of you to the small kitchen. There he grabbed a fresh clean cloth and ran it under cold water, and when he came back you were still examining your hand. Still without a word spoken he took your hand again and wrapped the cold cloth around it, firmly, but not tight. You enjoyed the cold from the cloth and finally felt some sort of relief. Your chest still burned and the itch to scrub resurfaced. Levi saw this in your eyes, for it was a feeling he knew all too well. He stood again but this time he left the room and you thought he was done checking on you; however a moment later he returned, this time with hand brushes.

As he handed a brush to you, you realized that he had brought two brushes. You were confused for a moment but when Levi pulled the bucket toward himself and dunked the second brush in the soapy water, you realized that he was going to scrub with you. You thought about protesting but you couldn't bring yourself to say anything. So instead you simply reached over and wet your brush as well. This time when you went to scrub the floor you didn't feel the need to do so with as much force a before. It was like a wave of calm had come and doused the fire burning in your chest. The two of you then spent the rest of the evening scrubbing the floors in silence and still, everything that needed to be said, was said.
Never again.(Levi x Reader) Chapter 19
Never fear the next chapter is here! Took a little longer than expected but I didn't like the way it initially turned out so I made some last minute changes :D
Chapter 19 is coming along quite nicely and I hope to have it done by either late this month or early December! I am also hoping to do a Christmas special so if anyone has any requests on what they'd like to see just let me know! It can be any character (preferably from SNK) and any prompt (probably no NSFW, I want everyone to enjoy it!) Heart Love 
Oh my god it's been such a long time!!!! I'm so sorry I haven't updated in forever but I have a reason why I suddenly went on hiatus.

i wasn't planning to disappear for this long but a few weeks ago I got into a car accidentDanisontonfire: OMFG  and got some pretty gnarly injuries. I cracked a few ribs, got a couple scratches and bruises, but I actually hurt my back pretty badly in the accident and was unable to do much of anything. Kobeni Confused Icon 

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